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Embassy Press Release

Contract for supplying Local Security Guard (LSG) for round the clock security at Embassy of India premises

The Embassy of India, Kuwait invites bids by 10th April, 2018 for awarding contract for hiring local security guard for round the clock security at Embassy premises.

2. Conditions:

The security agency should have proper license for providing LSGs. The bids of the company should include details of the following :

a) List of other clients the Company is serving in terms of supply of LSGs in Kuwait and other countries.
b) Past experience, service history, achievements of the company.
c) Evidence of registration of the company under relevant statutory regulations such as labour laws applicable in Kuwait.
d) Evidence of range of security services provided.
e) Size of the reserve pool of men and logistics such as response teams, patrol vehicles, security equipment/control room facilities/communication equipment etc.
f) Attrition rate of security guards and security supervisors.
g) Training facilities.
h) Industry certification obtained by the company for its quality and Company’s relationship with local police.
i) Scope and limit of liability of the company.
j) Take home pay and allowances of the security guards.

• Quality parameters for Local Security Guards (LSGs):

i. LSGs should not be more than 50 years of age.
ii. Should be physically and mentally fit and should not be suffering from an apparent disability. The provider should submit Medical Fitness Certificate in respect of every LSG from an authorized Medical practitioner.
iii. LSGs should be vetted by local Government’s security department in terms of past record, character and antecedents.
iv. Should possess training in basic security duties such as access control and anti-sabotage checks including use of basic security tools.
v. Should have attended education at least 10th standard or matriculation equivalent.
vi. Should be proficient in Arabic and minimum English language.
vii. Should perform duties in smart uniform and their overall appearance should be neat and clean.
viii.Should be thoroughly proficient and trained in handling of arms and other security equipment they are supposed to carry or use.

3. The Embassy will have the right to do a quarterly review of the services and cancel the contract in case the services are found lacking in any respects.

4. Payment: Payment will be made on monthly basis and in one sum to the security company and not to individual security guards. Security agency will send on the first day of every following month their invoice for the preceding month, which will be settled by Embassy and payment made through cheque.

5. The Embassy will be open for inspection and discussion can be held with undersigned upto 5th April, 2018.

6. All offers should be in two sealed covers marked “ Technical Bid” To be opened by addressee only and “Financial Bid” – To be opened by addressee only” and addressed to the “Head of Chancery”, Embassy of India, Daeya, Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street, Safat 13015, Kuwait. The offer must be delivered at the Embassy on or before 1200 hrs on 10th April, 2018.

7. The “Technical Bid” should contain all technical and quality parameters mentioned above. The “Financial Bid” should contain only the quotation for the tender and should be valid for a minimum period of six months.

Embassy of India, Kuwait
7th March, 2018


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