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Ambassador’s Response to Suggestions/Comments
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Ambassador’s Response to Suggestions/Comments


While welcoming constructive criticism, suggestions, opinions etc. from our community in Kuwait, the Embassy offers clarifications on the two issues given below:

ISSUE 1: Why attestation certificates are only of 6-month validity ?

Response: It is the practice of Kuwait government that the certificate should have been made within 6 months. The Embassy does not ask for renewal of a certificate after 6-month period. However, as per Kuwait government requirement, any certificate older than 6-month period is treated as invalid.

ISSUE 2: High charges in the Embassy for filling-up forms (KD 0.500-2.500) and photocopying (KD 0.050).

Response: The charges are market-driven. It is not mandatory for any applicant to use the services of typing or photocopying of the “Facilitation Centre” in the Embassy. All applicants are welcome to get their job done from outside or inside the Embassy.



            The Embassy has been providing its response to various suggestions, comments, etc. received from the Indian community in Kuwait .  Our response to some of the issues raised is below:



What is the charge for issue of fresh passport in India ? Also, in Kuwait ?


Fee for fresh Passport (Ordinary 36 Pages) in India is Rs. 1500/-. In Kuwait the fee is KD 21.250 + KD 0.500 towards ICWF charges. The basic fee is equivalent to US$ 75/Euro 60, which is applicable at all Indian Missions/Posts abroad. There is no compulsion for an Indian national to seek re-issue of Indian Passport from abroad. He/she can always renew it in India and avail benefit of a lesser fee in Rupee terms.



How much money Embassy collects towards ICWF for passport and attestation services?


Average of ICWF fee collected per day on account of 263 (approx.) Passport Services, is KD 131.50 for the period from 16.01.2014 to 31.01.2014. Average of ICWF charges collected per day on account of 402 Attestation Services is KD 201 for the period from 27.01.2014 to 31.01.2014.



What is the support given by Indian companies for celebration of National Days in Kuwait


The Embassy celebrates Nation Days in the Chancery where all Indian nationals are invited.  Some companies voluntarily provide food stuff and beverages for distribution  among the community. 



How does Embassy help on complaints received from domestic workers?


The domestic workers in Kuwait , irrespective of their nationality, are not covered by Kuwaiti labour law.  The Embassy takes up the matter with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the complaints of domestic workers are not resolved amicably.  As regards Shoun workers they can approach Embassy or Shoun Court for resolving their problems.



How can Embassy restrict entry of illegal domestic workers in Kuwait ?


Issuing visas is the prerogative of the host country.   Embassy has no say in issuing Kuwaiti visa to Indian nationals.  Restricting illegal domestic workers (coming without an agreement attested by the Embassy) comes in the jurisdiction of the Protector General of Emigrants (PGE), and various Protector of Emigrants (POE),  Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.  However, the Embassy may be informed about the  unauthorized recruiting agents (alongwith their passport details/or Kuwait Civil ID details) and their representative in India so the matter is taken up the PGE and concerned POE.  Any complaint about unauthorized recruiting agents and their representative can also be sent directly to PGE, pge@moia.nic.in or to the concerned i.e. POE, Cochin , Trivandrum , Hyderabad , Chennai, Mumbai etc.



How does Embassy help the Indian workers who are in jails?


The basic amenities, as supplements were given to 27 female jail inmates wherever felt necessary during visits of Embassy personnel to the Jails. Miscellaneous expenditure is towards cost of photographs for Indian nationals in most of the 64 Police Stations in Kuwait where photographs facility is not available. The photographs are invariably required for processing of Emergency Certificates by the Embassy for their early deportation from the country.



Whether the ICWF fee is to be paid per applicant or per document.


As per the operational details of the ICWF scheme conveyed by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs the fee is to be paid by each applicant per document.



Whether the Indian community is invited on Republic Day and whether the expenditure on celebration of Republic Day is met from ICWF.


The Embassy organizes the Republic Day where Indians representing all community along with foreign dignitaries are invited.  The expenditure is met from Embassy’s own sources, and not at all from ICWF. 



Whether ICWF fee and facilitation charges are interrelated.


ICWF fee and facilitation charges are not related to each other. While ICWF fee is compulsory, it is not necessary for any applicant to use the services of typing or photocopying of the Facilitation Centre in the Embassy. Applicant is free to get the job done from outside or inside the Embassy.



Whether the ICWF fee is levied per document or per applicant?


As per the operational details of the ICWF scheme conveyed by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, the fee is to be levied per document & not per applicant.



Whether ICWF accounts are maintained accurately by the Embassy and the amount is spent as per the guidelines of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs?


ICWF accounts are maintained accurately in the Embassy & the amount is spent only as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, which are received from time to time.



What is the need for ICWF fund in Kuwait ?


With an Indian Diaspora of 7.4 lakh in Kuwait , the need for such a Fund is all the more necessary to help the Indian nationals in distress.



Issue: The Embassy charges a high fee of KD 21.250 from Indian nationals for the renewal of passport.

Response:   The passport fee of US$ 75 for renewal of a passport of 10-year validity has been fixed by the Government of India uniformly for all Indian Embassies/Consulates abroad. However, it is also possible for Indian nationals to get their passports renewed in India on payment of only Rs. 1,500/-.

Issue: Opening of another Outsourcing Centre at Abbasiya for the benefit of Indian community.

Response:   The Embassy has strongly taken up this matter with our Consular, Passport and Visa Division (CPV) of Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi so that an NIC team could visit at the earliest for software installation at Abbasiya. The local sponsor M/s. Bukhamseen has reportedly located a venue for starting the Outsourcing Centre at Abbasiya. As a goodwill gesture, M/s. Bukhamseen has reduced their charges from KD 1.500 to KD 1.000 for passport service and KD 5.000 to KD 3.000 for visa service w.e.f. 17 December 2013.

Issue: Availability of Auditorium in the Indian Embassy is welcomed but the applicable charges (KD 250) are high and there will be a problem of parking space.

Response:   The Embassy is trying to cater to the interests of Indian community and associations in the best possible manner. We will look into various suggestions, comments, etc. in this regard.

Issue: Stoppage of Air India Express flight on Kuwait-Mangalore-Kochi sector, which will affect Indian passengers hailing from this region.

Response:   This matter has strongly been taken up with our Hon’ble Minister of State for Civil Aviation and also with the Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs in India.

Issue: Problems being faced at the Embassy or at any of our Outsourcing Centres.

Response:   Indian nationals may contact or send a message to my office at Tel: 22543000; Fax: 22546958; email: amboffice@indembkwt.org; & psamb@indembkwt.org, if there are any difficulties at any of our two Outsourcing centres/Embassy. 

Issue: Reports of theft, robberies, assaults and harassment of Indian nationals in Kuwait.

Response:   The Embassy has been receiving often reports from the members of Indian community residing in Kuwait regarding thefts, robberies, assaults, damages to their property etc. All such incidents should be immediately reported to the local police station. In order to extend help to the members of our community, please contact us with the following information so that the matter could also be taken up by the Embassy with Kuwaiti authorities:-

(a)      Brief details of the incident;
(b)      Civil ID of the affected member(s) and their passport details;
(c)      Contact telephone number and the proof of residence of the person(s)
(d)      Copy of FIR along with address of the Police station.

Please contact either Ms. Hend, Social Secretary in Ambassador’s office at telephone No. 22561276, Fax No. 22546958 (E-mail: amb.kuwait@mea.gov.in OR ambss@indembkwt.org) or Shri Balram Kumar Upadhyay, Counsellor (Consular and Chief Welfare Officer for Indian community) on telephone No. 22533125, Fax No.22573910 (E-mail: counsellor@indembkwt.org).



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